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"The Spirit within me greets the Spirit within you. I honor the place in you of love, of light, of peace - when you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me - there is only one of us."
Ram Das

I am an experienced officiant with professional voice and theatrical training. It is with this training that I assist couples in creating a ceremony that flows smoothly and with a soothing voice and distinct diction.

I typically officiate ceremonies in SW Michigan and NW Indiana. I am available to perform ceremonies in many different venues including; gardens, private homes, halls, churches, bed and breakfasts, hotels, etc.

The process begins with an initial consultation by phone or email. After answering some questions and if logistically possible, an in-person meeting is arranged to get to know each other and discuss the details of the ceremony. Once it is determined what the couple wants I begin to put the ceremony together. I will communicate, usually through email, with the bride and groom until we create the ceremony that perfectly matches the couples desires. 

The Wedding Package -

Unlimited email and telephone consultations
Initial consultation
Customized wedding script
Professional staging of ceremony at rehearsal
Officiate wedding
Pre-meal prayers at rehearsal/wedding reception (if requested)

Please contact me for price options and details. 


"Thank you so much for performing such a magnificent wedding! Even though we met the day before the wedding, I had complete trust in you! Michael and I are so grateful to you! Thank you so much for creating such a memorable event!" Michael & Keegan

"We wanted to thank you for making our wedding so special and memorable. We appreciate your professionalism, but really we thank you for your kindness and approach to marriage. Thank you for the keepsake binder also. We will always treasure it."  Amy & Freddie

"We would like to thank you again for being a part of our wedding day. It was absolutely perfect - and we've received so many wonderful comments about how beautiful the ceremony & vows were. We can't thank you enough for being there with us." Nivas & Jamie

Subtle Communication Systems

Subtle Communication Systems in an outgrowth of work with linguistics and energy, including the relationship between lanuage and subjective experience. We use language to code our experience and give it meaning.

Healing Touch and other energy modalities are contemporary versions of ancient healing practices. Found in every culture, they do not have a specific religious context, and the effect does not rely on the client's faith or religious beliefs.

The Human Energy System includes the concepts of the chakras, the meridians, and the aura. Working with the Human Energy System is considered a form of vibrational medicine.

Subtle Communication Systems is designed to allow an individual to implement desired changes and to experience freedom from phobias, anxieties and limiting beliefs.

Using Subtle Communications systems promotes health in the physical body and throughout the Human Energy System. Changes can take place quickly and easily because the work is accomplished with the cooperation of both the conscious mind and unconscious processes.

Holistic therapy with SCS will assist you in choosing your own behavior more consciously and brings into consciousness information that typically remains beneath the level of conscious awareness. Using the connection of body, mind and spirit will assist practitioners and clients in getting more of the results they want and less of what they don't want.

SCS combines philosophies and techniques of linguistics (based primarily on Neurolinguistic Programming, Ericksonian hypnosis and guided imagery) and energy therapies (such as Health Touch, Reiki and Therapeutic Touch) to create a powerful system for solving problems, resolving conflicts, eliminating fears and limitations, and developing a greater sense of peace and joy.

SCS sessions are designed to help you become more effective communicators, develop better health, improve relationships, and create and sustain more joy in your life by eliminating phobias,fears, and anxieties and by helping you discover and achieve your goals, dreams, and Highest Purpose.

SCS sessions promote emotional, mental and energetic balance and will allow you to uncover and release emotinal, mental, and energetic blocks that have been preventing you from feeling and being your best.

SCS is considered a form of brief therapy because it typically produces significant changes in only a few sessons.

SCS offers a wide range of options...

SCS sessions are a cooperation between client and therapist, depending on client needs and comfort levels. Some sessions may consist primarily of questions and answers in what seems to be a casual conversation about desired changes.

SCS sessions often include energy-based healing techniques, such as those found in Healing Touch or Reiki, which tend to amplify and accelerate the desired changes. If you are comfortable being touched, meridian message may be employed to promote the flow of energy throughout your body.

SCS sessions may also include the use of guided imagery or hypnosis to help the client visualize a desired goal or outcome.

For your comfort and that of the therapist, SCS Sessions are often performed with the client relaxing on a massage table.

SCS sessions have demonstrated a remarkable ability to provide the following benefits:

*Provide relief from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual pain.
*Promote relaxation, restful sleep, and a sense of well-being.
*Promote restoration of the body and accelerated wound healing.
*Reduce anxiety, tension, and stress.
*Faciliatate pre and/or post operative recovery or recovery from illness.
*Experience peaceful transitionsin times of accelerated change.
*Achieve a sense of connection to your core identity and develop genuine self-love.
*Eliminate phobias and undesirable habits and establish positive behaviors.

What are my options?

Healing Touch is a process of light touch that is energy based rather than focused on muscles or tissues such as in therapeutic massage.

Health is a natural state for humanity.  In one sense, you are always whole.  As living creatures, we are responsible for building and maintaining a healthy-minded consciousness that supports the natural healing and renewal process of life.

Healing Touch does not have a religious context, nor does the effect rely on the client's faith to work.  Healing Touch has been shown to affect the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspect of an individual.

Pre and Post Surgical Support

The need for surgery or the discovery of a serious health problem is often a turning point in life and individuals will do best when they assume an active role in the process of recovery. Pre and Post Surgical support with SCS provides you with the tools and understanding required to create a cooperative healthcare environment to be more relaxed and comfortable before your surgery and during your recovery.

Benefits of Pre and Post Surgical Support with SCS

1. Uses guided imagery to close the stress loop that anticipation of surgery or need for serious medical procedures can create.
2. Brings into consciousness information that tyically remains beneath the level of conscious awareness.
3. Educates physicians and medical staff about what they can do to support patients beyond the physical level.
4. Informs patients and clients about many ways they can help themselves heal more quickly and completely.
5. Assists you in understanding and using guided imagery.
6. Provides a sample script for guided imagery so you can enlist a friend or family member to provide you with support.

Steps in Surgical Support

1. Relaxation - promotes immune function and allows the body to focus on healing.
2. Discover what you need to know - Is your physical problem telling you something about your emotional, mental, or spiritual wants or needs?
3. Create positive expectations - Using creative visualization is one way of creating positive expectations. The idea is that we influence what we become by what we think about.
4. Organize a support group - Your support group may consist primarily of family, friends and members of your spiritul or religious community. You may also wish to include trusted professionals, such as someone trained in Pre and Postsurgical Support, hypnotherapy, or guided imagery to provide encouragement and facilitate your recovery.
5. Enlist the suport of your medical team. Most physicians and other medical staff will be glad to provide appropriate mental and emotional support-especially when they recognize the ways in which such support makes their jobs easier.

Pre and Postsurgical Support can be done in the privacy and comfort your your own home in a convenient one-hour phone session. Healing is just a phone call away. The program is designed for you to follow up with audio support.